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Shape your Legacy.

Savor your memories.

Share your generational stories.

Start telling your story with Histoire-Legacy.


Histoire-Legacy is one of the four brands of the Histoire company. 

Our Legacy brand focuses on Legacy building services that help you and your loved ones by providing practical and creative activities that will encourage you to Prepare, Preserve, and find Peace within your legacy planning.

We make products for


Families & Couples

Our plans help generations - both big and small preserve the past.

Parent & Child


Explore your relationship and tackle your legacy plan for future generations.



A most loved member of the family, our plans help you document your pet's moments now.

what is histoire-legacy?

Plan with Us

Planning ahead for future outcomes can be extremely difficult, but if there's anything we've learned from these past few years, it's to prepare for anything. This includes how you will tell and preserve your Legacy.

Histoire-Legacy offers Legacy building products for you and your loved ones to create and reflect on memory-making experiences with creative and practical outcomes. We offer fun products, subscription-style curated monthly themed boxes, as well as a la carte themed kits for you to learn, connect, and experience your story from the comfort of your - or your family member's home.*

Generational Box

Parent and Child Box

Couples Box

Pet Box


Preserve the legacy passed on to multiple generations in your family.

Explore the relationship and connection between a parent and child.

Explore, plan, and preserve the wonderful stories that will be part of the legacy passed on to your significant other.

As important members of the family, our pets are part of our legacy too, so we have a pet legacy box to ensure that you are planning and preserving special moments.

Not sure if you want to commit to a subscription?

Try our Legacy Kits! They are listed by theme with no subscription needed, you can purchase any theme at any time based on your specific interests.


looking for a gift to give?

Give the gift of Legacy!


If you struggle to find the perfect gift for your loved ones, take a look at some of our suggestions to make gift giving effortless. 

WHAT PEOPLE are saying

Family Time

When I had children, it was important for me to make sure they would know "where they came from" and when we lost a child and then my father a few years later, it was important for me to make sure Callan had memories preserved. But when dealing with the unexpected passing of my father, it became evident to me that I also wanted to be prepared in the event that something should happen to me or Jason for Callan, and he wasn't left to put the pieces together like me and my brother were.

- Hayley K.

Engaged Couple Holding Hands

It was a nice, thought-provoking box for my daughters and myself to work through. With writing prompts and other activities, the box makes it easy to share family stories, especially on topics you may not think about sharing.

- Bekah J.



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