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Who We Are

At Histoire, we like to say that the "H" is silent, but your story doesn't have to be! We are a woman and minority-owned business. We're committed to helping our clients gather their content and allow them shape, prepare and preserve their histories through visual storytelling and an intergenerational lens.

Histoire-Legacy is one of four brands of Histoire, focusing on Legacy building. Providing practical and creative activities to encourage you and your loved ones to Prepare, Preserve, and find Peace within your legacy planning.

Histoire-Legacy was developed by Histoire founder, Melissa, a Visual Culture & Social Art Historian. Histoire-Legacy hopes to instill Peace in the legacy planning process and provide families with a way to bond over memories and heirlooms.


A message from the founder: 

“As time passed, I thought about losing my parents and my grandparents unexpectedly over the course of a short period of time and I began to think of stories untold, moments that would be missed—both big and small—and I tried to think of all the ways I would long for their presence and how to come up with ways to satisfy my desire to include them. I recognized that even if I came up with ways to honor them, it would never be the same as something that they created just for me; personal notes, hearing their voice or seeing their facial expressions as they tell me a story, hearing their wishes, seeing their handwriting, smelling their scent, and so much more. And so, the idea of Histoire-Legacy was born, I thought that if I can help others make sure to take down these important things, then maybe when their loved ones pass, they can have something personal to carry on with them. This is about more than just preserving the past, it is about making the most of the present and having them actively participate in the future. At Histoire-Legacy our mission is to help people shape their legacy, savor their memories, share generational stories and continue to build a Legacy that they can enjoy now and will actively live on for generations to come.”

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