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Your love story will never be forgotten.

The Couples Box focuses on how your relationship has grown over time. Whether you are just beginning a new romance, or you've been together for 60 years, we'll provide practical and creative ways for you to cherish your love story.


What Types of Boxes Can I Get?


Creative + Practical



Focuses heavily on plans of action and managing records.

Focuses heavily on engaging activities that you can do by yourself or with you family.

This box will help you focus on plans of action and give you engaging activities you can do by yourself or with your loved ones.


What You Get

With your annual subscription you'll receive an initial welcome box plus the theme for the month you register. Each month you will continue to get a different themed box. The themed monthly boxes focus on a variety of memories like traditions, objects & heirlooms, special recipes, memorable music, and many more.

Your welcome box includes:

  1. Box Overview, including a practical and/or creativity activity

  2. Checklist & Lesson Plan

  3. Journal of process

  4. Branded gifts, including a pen, stress ball, and wax stamp seal sticker

  5. Founder's story 

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