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Grandma and Grandchild in Embrace

Leave behind a legacy for generations to come.

Our Generational Box focuses on your immediate and multi-generational legacy. We'll help you organize important documents, reflect upon family traditions, and create fun, long-lasting memories with your loved ones.


What Types of Boxes Can I Get?


Creative + Practical



Focuses on plans of action and managing records.

Focuses on engaging activities that you can do by yourself or with you family.

This box will help you focus on plans of action and give you engaging activities you can do by yourself or with your loved ones.


What You Get

With your subscription, you'll receive an initial welcome box plus the theme for the month you register. Each month you will continue to get a different themed box. The themed monthly boxes focus on a variety of memories like traditions, objects & heirlooms, special recipes, memorable music, and many more.

* At this time, on this platform, it is not possible for customers to buy a product subscription and another one-time or an additional subscription product at the same time. To purchase multiple subscriptions and/or order themed kits, you will have to place separate orders. We apologize for the inconvenience and we appreciate your patience and understanding! If you purchase multiple subscriptions we will include a special gift(s) in your first boxes!

Your welcome box includes:

  1. Box Overview, including a practical and/or creativity activity

  2. Checklist & Lesson Plan

  3. Journal of process

  4. Branded gifts, including a pen, stress ball, and wax stamp seal sticker

  5. Founder's story 

The Generational Box

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