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2020 Holiday Histoire-Legacy Gift Guide

it is always a perfect time to give the gift of legacy


Shape your legacy. Savor your memories. Share your generational stories.

Start telling your story with Histoire-Legacy today

Gifts For Gift Givers


Not sure what to give? Try giving the gift of Legacy! You’ll plan and create a story worth telling for generations to come.

We offer annual, 6-month, 3-month, and monthly subscription options! You can purchase one-time subscription boxes like our What's In A Name box or we also offer 3-month introductory bundles for those who don't want to commit to an annual subscription!

Our "Introduction To Your Legacy - 2022 Starter Pack" includes our What's In A Name Box, and two other themes! To purchase a 2021 Starter pack choose the 3-month option!


Gifts For


Histoire-Legacy is the perfect gift for Planners! Each month will keep you on track and productive so you can plan out your Legacy effectively. 

We have boxes that include Practical activities and Creative activities or boxes that focus solely on planning out Practical items in your Legacy plans.

Our journal of process is one of the items you'll receive in your very first Histoire-Legacy subscription box. It's designed for note-taking, check-list building, activity planning, and any kind of creativity that sparks your mind. It will be your go-to planning item throughout the legacy building process.

Gifts For

Pet Lovers 

Pets play a huge role in your family, and the fond memories you share with them last a lifetime. Stay tuned for more info about preserving those memories with our Pet Box subscription service, which focuses on the imprint your pets have made on your family.

Give the gift of Legacy to your fellow pet-lovers! We offer monthly themed subscription boxes so you and your loved ones can savor all those fur-baby memories.

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Mother and Baby on Floor

Gifts for

New Parents

It's never too early to start planning your legacy! Our Histoire-Legacy monthly subscription boxes are the perfect gift for parents. Plan today for their future tomorrow. Try our Parent & Child Boxes today!

Gifts for


Your love story will never be forgotten. Our Couples Box focuses on how your relationship has grown over time. Whether you are just beginning a new romance, or you've been together for 60 years, we'll provide practical and creative ways for you to cherish your love story. With Histoire-Legacy, you’ll be able to organize your love story and plan for your future together.

Newly engaged? Let us help you document your love story! We'll provide practical and creative ways for you to plan, prepare, and document your love-legacy.

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Enjoying a Meal

GiFTs for or from Grandparents

Grandparents offer us wisdom, are always sharing their selfless love, and are the footsteps to future generations. Histoire-Legacy offers annual subscription generational boxes that focus on your immediate and multi-generational family legacy. 

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