Museum-quality archival document storage box that focuses on the long-term preservation of documents like letters, family photos, important paperwork, and other documents that you may want to preserve for generations to come.


This item will be personalized with whatever name, family name, logo, etc. 

The item will be personalized on the front and the side of the box.


Features that help your documents last longer by neutralizing the acidity that breaks down your keepsakes:

- Acid/lignin-free 60 pt. board with a pH of 8.5

- Box is buffered with 3% calcium carbonate boxes that help to protect it against acidity transfer and pollutants that make documents yellow or brown.

- Boxes have metal edges which create added strength and durability. 


*This is for the Personalized Archival Box ONLY. For the box, folders and labels, please purchase the box set.


Dimensions: 12 1/4" x 10 1/4" x 5"

Personalized Archival Document Storage Box - Vertical