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Our "What's in a Name" Kit is a personalized kit that will provide you with practical and creative activities that help you dive deeper into your family name and generational roots. It examines the four key areas of focus when it comes to dealing with Legacy documents that require your name.


This kit automatically comes with an Archival grade folder to help your physical documents with long-term preservation in mind. The creative and practical activities include 8 family shield materials, storytelling name cards, and over 30 pages of thoughtful and critical Legacy Planning and Building worksheets that take a deep dive into ensuring your Legacy and your loved ones are taken care of for generations to come, in practical ways concerning assets and in preserving an intangible generational legacy.


If you're interested in a long-term investment in keeping your family documents preserved, we encourage you to look at our Archival products in our marketplace and add them to your order. Our archival boxes and archival folders are made with the intention of generational preservation

What's In A Name Kit